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We only give our patients the best and most current technology in orthodontics.  We are the Invisalign specialist in Columbia, South Carolina treating more adults and teens than anyone else in South Carolina.  Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, Pitner Orthodontics will tailor your treatment specifically for you!

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Our Team

Dr. Pitner has put together the best team in orthodontics! Every person at Pitner Orthodontics has a passion for helping you to achieve a great smile while having a great time in our office. From the day you first open the door to our practice to the day your treatment is complete, you will be greeted as a friend and spend time with a team of people dedicated to making your day better. From making your appointments to tracking down all of your insurance benefits, our office staff is focused on making the process as smooth and convenient as possible. Our clinical staff has over 50 years of experience (and no – we aren’t that old!). We take pride in making every visit easy and fun.

Superior Technology

At Pitner Orthodontics we have invested in the best technology available so that your orthodontic treatment is more comfortable, faster, and more precise. Everything we do is completely digital – photos, x-rays, and a scanner that allows us to make virtual models of your teeth (no messy, goopy molds in our practice — that’s so last century!). With these virtual 3-D models, we can make any custom appliances including Invisalign. The virtual models can also be used for planning your treatment, allowing you to see your future smile before you even begin. We are the only orthodontic practice in Columbia, South Carolina that offers Suresmile – a process that lets Dr. Pitner precisely design your smile and bite using 3-D software and then create the customized wires to deliver that ideal result. Less than 10% of the practices in the United States can provide this advanced service which allows Dr. Pitner to achieve better results in a shorter time.

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