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You are here because you are thinking about getting a better smile for you or your child. We know you have questions such as:

  • Why do kids in my child’s second grade class have braces? Why should my seven year old see an orthodontist?
  • I know it is time for braces for my teen – how do I choose the right orthodontist? Do I need a referral?
  • I’m an adult – am I nuts to think about straightening my teeth? Will I have to look like a preteen?

Pitner Orthodontics is here to help you find the answers to your questions and to learn why we are the right practice for you or your child.

At Pitner Orthodontics Columbia, we are dedicated to making it easy for you to get the beautiful smile you deserve. Our office on Wescott Road is conveniently located by Crossroads Intermediate, Irmo Middle, and Irmo High School.  We are also a quick ride across the dam from Lexington.  Read on to learn more about how orthodontic treatment can change you and your child’s life!

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Dr. Leslie Pitner and Dr. Katie Bullwinkel are Columbia’s experts in orthodontic treatment

At Pitner Orthodontics Columbia, we offer only the best options for children and adults of all ages, including Invisalign, hidden (lingual) braces, and clear braces.  We are located at 5953 Wescott Rd, Columbia, SC 29212. Call us at 803-871-5225 to schedule your free consultation!

Early Evaluation for Young Children

If you are like most parents, you are probably wondering:

Why do kids in my child’s second grade class have braces?

When should my child see an orthodontist?

At Pitner Orthodontics, we recommend that all children be evaluated at age 7, but this does not mean your child will need braces in second grade or even in the future.  And you don’t need a referral by a dentist to take advantage of this free evaluation.

An early evaluation provides huge benefits to both you and your child.  Click to learn more!

Braces for Teens

Now that your child is eleven or twelve, you may be thinking:

I know it is time for braces for my teen – how do I choose the right orthodontist?

Do I need a referral?

How will I afford it?

At Pitner Orthodontics, we are here to answer all of your questions and concerns.  The first step is a free evaluation that you can schedule without a referral. Find out how braces are easier and more comfortable than ever before! At Pitner Orthodontics, we offer every option, from the traditional colorful metal braces to clear ceramic braces, and, for our older teens, Invisalign Teen, or hidden lingual braces.  Call today to schedule your’s child evaluation and they will be on their way to a beautiful confident smile!  Or click here to learn more.

Orthodontics for Adults

When many adults think of straightening their teeth, their first fear is that they will have to look like a teenager with a “metal mouth.” Fear no more!  At Pitner Orthodontics, whether you choose Invisalign, hidden lingual braces, or clear ceramic braces, we have an option that will keep you smiling confidently while you get your new smile.  And orthodontic treatment offers even more than just a beautiful confident smile. It gives you a more comfortable, better fitting bite so your teeth can last a lifetime.  Click to learn more.


Technology that Makes Treatment Faster and Easier

We offer all of the latest technology that makes your treatment faster and more comfortable.  From our scanners that make goopy, yucky molds a thing of the past to custom designed wires, if it makes your treatment better or faster, we have it.  Many other orthodontists have not made the investment in equipment and training that we have at Pitner Orthodontics.  We are the only practice in Columbia SC to offer Suresmile, a process that lets our doctors digitally design your smile, bite, and wires so you can get to a better result faster.  Only 10% of practices in the U.S. have made the investment in equipment and training to offer this unique benefit to their patients.  What would 4-6 fewer months in braces mean to you or your child?

A Beautiful Smile Changes How You Feel and How Others See You!  Don’t Miss Out!

At any time in life, orthodontic treatment can dramatically improve your personal appearance and self-esteem. With the technology we use to make braces more comfortable, invisible, and with shorter completion times, it is easier than ever to choose orthodontic treatment. Give you or your child the greatest, most powerful, most unique asset you’ll ever use each day of your life – your smile.

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