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Technology has changed everything in our lives, so why have orthodontic treatment that doesn’t use the latest technology to make your treatment quicker and easier?  


Pitner Orthodontics is your Invisalign specialist and the choice for thousands of families in the Midlands of South Carolina. Why?

1) Dr. Leslie Pitner specializes in Invisalign treatment for teens and adults.  Have you been told that Invisalign would not work for you?  Do you wonder can work for your child?  Here’s the good news – Invisalign can straighten virtually everyone’s teeth from children to adults!  Learn more about how Invisalign can make straightening you or your child’s teeth easier than you ever imagined.

2) Dr. Leslie Pitner is a recognized expert in orthodontics and wrote the book on treating adults – Improve Your Smile, Transform Your Life:  A Guide to Orthodontics for Adults.  Pitner Orthodontics also has an office exclusively dedicated to adults – Pitner Downtown – the only office of its kind in the entire Southeastern United States.

3) 100% Smile Guarantee. We absolutely guarantee that you will have a great experience at Pitner Orthodontics and that you will LOVE your smile!  Click to learn more.

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Meet Dr. Leslie Pitner

I grew up in a world of teeth – my father John Pitner was an orthodontist and began this practice, but as a kid I knew I didn’t want to be an orthodontist. Clearly his job was pretty strange – who wants to put their hands in people’s mouths? Yuck (and this was before gloves!). In fact, after college, I began a Ph.D. program in Art History on track to be a professor. But I realized I was not happy spending time just reading and writing. I wanted to do something that made the world more beautiful, but also made a difference in people’s lives. Suddenly my dad’s strange job started to look pretty amazing.

So I made the switch and went to dental school and completed my residency to specialize in orthodontics. Once I started treating patients, I quickly began to see how a new smile transforms lives and decided I wanted to study the psychology behind the smile, so I completed a unique Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology. Now I am doing the work I always dreamed of – creating beautiful smiles that truly transform people’s lives! Over 20,000 people in the Columbia, South Carolina area have had their lives changed with a smile from Pitner Orthodontics. Because of my research on the importance of a smile, I wrote Improve Your Smile, Transform Your Life: A Guide to Orthodontics for Adults. I know that a smile can change your brain and your life in ways you may have never imagined. A confident smile can take you to places you never dreamed and the benefits continue to build over a lifetime.

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Imagine eating popcorn and sticky stuff all while getting your teeth straight! There are virtually no emergencies and most people tell us their teeth are hardly sore at all.

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For your convenience, we have three orthodontic offices – one in the St. Andrews area by Irmo High School and Middle Schools in Columbia, SC, another in Chapin, SC, and an office dedicated exclusively to adults on Main Street in downtown Columbia. If you would like to schedule your free initial evaluation, click below to schedule your first appointment!

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Dr. Pitner always had a smile on her face and was interested in what was going on in my life. She is very thorough and made sure I was on track every visit. The office staff was very welcoming, from the minute I started to the second I was done. Every staff member is extremely personable and genuine. My new smile is beautiful. It feels very good to hear other people compliment how straight or pretty my teeth are.

William B. (Adult)

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